Aaron Sorkin is Condescending as Hell and He's Not Going to Take It Anymore

04.02.12 7 years ago 49 Comments

Hello Warming Glow. Today, for the first time since the new team took over, we get to find out where you stand on Aaron Sorkin. Let me take a stab in the dark as to what the comments might hint at: He’s a condescending pr*ck, one of the best television writers of all time, and let me guess: Someone is going to insist on holding “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” against him, while someone else will probably defend “Studio 60,” arguing that it wasn’t that bad? People will praise “West Wing,” and one or two conservatives will bash it as idealistic liberal pablum, while most will agree that “Sports Night” is one of the greatest sitcoms ever, except for a smattering of people who couldn’t get past the laugh track in the first season. Then, someone will end the thread with “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH,” and there will be six groaning replies.

Did I just capture the essence of the comment thread? Oh, wait: I forgot two other comments: Something about Olivia Munn’s but-her face, and BRING BACK MATT.


Anyway, here’s the trailer for “Newsroom,” and it will undoubtedly create some divisiveness among those who feel that it’s exactly what the world needs right now — a modern-day Network television series — and those who believe it looks like everything else Aaron Sorkin has ever done, right down to the smug arrogance. Me? I love smug arrogance, but then again, I’m an asshat. ‘MURICA!

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