ABC Hands Out Early Renewals To ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Plus Loads More Network Fare

Let’s face it, if your favorite TV show is sitting on the cancellation bubble it can be maddening for your psyche. You start to bargain with higher powers, feel jealousy towards ratings juggernauts that confound you (howdy NCIS!) and try to talk yourself into the possibility that something like Sing Your Face Off will inexplicably get a second go-around. For those of your that have been visited by the early renewal fairy we send our congrats and to those that haven’t we say hang in there baby.

ABC has blessed fans of 15 programs on the Alphabet Network with renewal notices. Deadline reports that freshly minted ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey has offered a thumbs up to a healthy assortment of shows. Let’s get to the geek-friendly stuff first with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. answering the call for another season. Does that mean more episodes for fellow Marvel offering Agent Carter is a go too? Well, that show’s still on the bubble, but Nerd Reactor claims they’ve heard season 3 will happen so set your optimism where you will.

As you might imagine, renewal notices were plentiful in Shondaland. Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder and the seemingly immortal Grey’s Anatomy all have new seasons at the ready. Rookie drama Quantico will also return and same with the veteran Sunday night series Once Upon a Time. If you prefer your drama reality-based, you’ll be happy to hear that The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Shark Tank and America’s Funniest Home Videos (Alfonso Ribeiro Edition) have also been earmarked for new seasons. Or maybe you won’t be happy to hear that. You’re your own person and we respect whatever feelings you have regarding Mark Cuban investing in revolutionary oven mitts or whatever comes his way in the Tank.

Over on the comedy side of things, Fresh Off The Boat is getting a third season, same with The Middle, Black-ish, The Goldbergs and Modern Family. Essentially, if your DVR is in a relationship with ABC’s Wednesday night fare you shouldn’t have to reprogram anything.

So who else is trying to grip onto (but not burst) the renewal bubble aside from Agent Carter? Nashville hasn’t been granted another encore as of yet and “oh yeah, that’s what Nathan Fillion does now” procedural Castle isn’t locked in either. Post-TGIF Friday sitcoms Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken are also sweating it out without a renewal granted as of yet, ditto The Muppets revival and comedy-musical curio Galavant.

Best of luck to those of you still waiting for a positive prognosis on your favorite shows. Although if any of them are going to get chucked to bring back Time Machine Chefs you can all eat it because TIME MACHINE F*CKING CHEFS, DUDE! See, everyone’s got exposed nerves about a TV offering or two.

(Via Deadline)