ABC Just Canceled ‘Modern Family’: How Eric Stonestreet Trolled His Twitter Followers

Modern Family prankster Eric Stonestreet, the most famous gay-for-pay actor since Sparky, is a die-hard Kansas City Royals fan. So after they lost game seven of the World Series to San Francisco, he wanted his fans to feel his pain. And all it took were two words: “So sad.”

In case the URL and headline weren’t immediate giveaways that this was a fake story, the sentence “meanwhile, Modern Family star Julie Bowen is taking a Zen approach to the whole thing” should have been. Julie Bowen only reacts to things by acting like a coked-up rabbit.

His Twitter Followers apparently weren’t paying attention, though.

Here’s a Modern Family rule to remember: as long as civilization hasn’t been wiped out by one of Lily’s snappy comebacks, assume it’s still on. What else would win Outstanding Comedy?