About That Time ‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Was On ‘The Dating Game’

While Mark Harmon will always be Mr. Shoop from Summer School for most of us, he’s currently the star of the mega popular NCIS as Liz Lemon’s favorite special agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But before any of that, he was kicking around on another famous television show and using cigars to creep on women.

Turns out that Harmon was a contestant and a bachelor on The Dating Game and he enjoyed a fine cigar, much like former president Bill Clinton. Yeah, that’s right, a cigar joke. Groucho Marx did it back in his day, everyone did it in the late 90s, and I’m doing it now. I got a lot of good OJ Simpson material for you folks too.

Anyway, Letterman brings it up and shows a clip, giving us the fine looking gent you saw in the featured image. Hard to believe this is the man who would lead an entire class of students to mild academic progress during one memorable summer.

(Via The Late Show)

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