According To A Former Nanny, Kate Gosselin Is More Cartoonishly Evil Than We Ever Imagined

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07.24.14 30 Comments

We all know that Kate Gosselin is not a nice person. This isn’t news. We also know that Kate Gosselin isn’t a very good mother. That’s also not news. However, a former Gosselin nanny has spoken out against the frothing mother of eight with E!, and the insanity is deeper than even I could have imagined.

Aside from a rule book for the help, which stated that doors must not be shut loudly and vacuuming could only be done at certain times of the day, among other things — there were also accusations of hitting kids with spoons and horrifyingly, using nannies to “spy” on her ex Jon Gosselin while the children were on the phone with their father.

“When Jon called the kids on the phone, Kate said to us nannies, ‘You are Kate, so always listen in on the phone calls,'” she recalled how her former boss would want the nannies to put themselves in her shoes and do as she would.

“We always had to keep an ear and eye on what was going on. Kate would say she had no problem with the kids having a relationship with Jon, but it always felt like a façade to me.”

That’s pretty bad. Like, custody hearing bad. But it wasn’t until this part that I realized that Kate Gosselin was a flat out monster:

On another occasion, she said, the kids weren’t allowed to eat a gingerbread house that they had made. “They had to stare at it every night during dinner,” she said. “I finally just let the kids eat it.”

I’m almost shocked that the gingerbread house wasn’t “accidentally” made with salt instead of sugar just in case any of those filthy rotten kids got any ideas. Lifelong adult therapy for eight, please?

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