According To Homer Simpson, National Donut Day Isn’t Enough

Just in case you forget, were caught unawares, or were too busy stuffing your face with glazed goodness, Friday was National Doughnut Day. We (and the rest of the Internet) celebrated with a fantastic Twin Peaks supercut of all of the series’ references to the circular, sugary morsels of delight— but let’s not forget the day’s real champion: Homer Simpson.

The celebrated patriarch of The Simpsons issued an official statement via his human handlers at FOX, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Yes, that’s right — a cartoon character derived from a scripted television show has access to real world PR. So what did Homer have to say about National Doughnut Day?

“I urge congress without delay to create a Pork Rinds Month.”

Nothing. He didn’t even acknowledge his trademark food gag. Instead, he used the “holiday” as a platform for another favorite unhealthy dish — pork rinds.

Aside from screaming “AMERICUH,” Homer’s request begs the question: Why stop at pork rinds?

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)