HOAX ALERT: Actor Wayne Knight, Best Known As Newman From ‘Seinfeld’, Hasn’t Died In A Tragic Car Accident

Wayne Knight, best known for his roles in Seinfeld and Jurassic Park, has survived the fake car accident he was reportedly in. Via US Magazine:

Actor Wayne Knight, better known to most for playing one of the most indelible roles on NBC’s “Seinfeld” as the character “Newman” is dead and two other passengers are critically injured after their vehicle slammed into a disabled semi-tractor-trailer late Saturday night along Route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York state border in Eldred Township.

Kane-based state police have identified the deceased as the lovable “Newman.” McKean County Coroner Jeff Levin said Knight died of blunt force trauma at the scene. Also injured in the crash were two of Knight’s passengers, Christopher Davidson, 33, and an unidentified male, both of New York state. Police say the unidentified male was ejected from the back seat of the sedan.

The story had me going for a minute, but then I looked elsewhere, and then to Knight’s Twitter page and PHEW, NEWMAN LIVES! #Newmanlives. I thought I was clever in making that hashtag up on the spot, but then I looked on Twitter and it’s already being used. Whatever, Internet.

I’m glad he’s alive. We have been losing too many good people lately, and losing Newman wouldn’t be acceptable. We need him for Jurassic Park 4! What? He died in the first one? It’s a movie about cloned dinosaurs or something, he can be cloned.

Via US Magazine