Adam Levine Reveals He Was An Overconfident Goober On ‘Conan’ And I Sense Nothing Has Changed

Adam Levine visited Conan to talk about being People’s Sexiest Man Alive and to look back at some embarrassing high school photos. Levine refers to his younger self as an overconfident goober, a title which holds weight given his penchant for beaded necklaces.

I’d be endeared to him if it wasn’t for his non-answer to the question of being comfortable as the sexiest man alive. Comfortable and not comfortable is the Deion Sanders of answers.

I sense the guy can’t wait to take his shirt off and is still severely overconfident. The big difference is that he now has a mindless public to massage that ego and worship his every move. And a hit television show. And guest spots on other hit television shows. And a successful musical career. And I’m just totally jelly.

Still, he should never forget that he was once a doucher with a beaded necklace. It’ll keep him grounded. He can come hang out with my high school self, the one sporting a high and tight, black dress socks and Hawaiian shirts. Yeah, I used to be kind of a bad ass.

(Via Team Coco)