Adam Sandler And Andy Samberg Pay Tribute To Breaking Character In An #SNL40 Digital Short

Some people absolutely loved it when Bill Hader couldn’t keep it together while reading his lines as Stefon on Weekend Update. Others absolutely hated it when Jimmy Fallon could seemingly never get through an entire sketch without cracking up at Will Ferrell or Rachel Dratch. No matter where you stand on “breaking,” though, it’s something that is simply unavoidable in live television that airs week after week, and that’s why it was a very fitting topic for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show’s brand new digital short, starring Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler.

Set to the tune of “Simply the Best,” this catchy song and music video celebrates all the times our favorite featured players lost their sh*t during sketches, from Will Ferrell losing Molly Shannon’s baby at a BoDeans concert to Mike Myers and Dana Carvey fumbling with their Top 10 board on tonight’s show. And it wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t single out one particular cast member for being the all-time worst offender.