Adam Sandler Gets Super Creepy Vibes Returning To His Old ‘SNL’ Stomping Grounds

Adam Sandler, who has been having a bit of a moment lately with his return to standup and legitimately entertaining-looking upcoming Netflix rom-com with Jennifer Aniston, will host SNL for the first time ever this weekend. This is notable because Adam Sandler has said in the past that he would never host the long-running sketch comedy show that gave him his big break — as so many other former cast members to hit it big have done so in the past.

A new promo for Saturday’s episode however, perhaps gives the Billy Madison star some justification for his hesitancy to return to Studio 8H. As he walks down the halls of his old stomping grounds, Sandler takes a trip down memory lane as he passes photos of himself in classic sketches, such as Cajun Man and the GAP Girls … and then, things start to get awkward, to say the least.

As the succession of photos gets creepier and more personal, Kenan Thompson suddenly appears to remind Adam that “you never really leave…” This is actually kind of appropriate seeing that Thompson — who has been on SNL for 16 seasons and is the longest-tenured cast member in the show’s history — literally might never ever leave. Whether or not Sandler makes it out alive, it should be a pretty interesting show, anyway.