Adam Sandler Has A Family Reunion Filled With Familiar Characters On ‘SNL’

When he was on SNL — and, to a lesser extent, in his many movies — Adam Sandler loved himself a funny voice. Cajun Man, Canteen Boy, Hank Gelfand, the Herlihy Boy — all tended to talk like goofy babies. Where does he get his material? On an SNL that also featured him singing about how the show fired one of the biggest stars in the world almost a quarter century ago, we got our answer: from his family.

In one sketch, Adam Sandler played Adam Sandler, going home — to New York City, conveniently — to visit the extended Sandler family. And they also sounded like Adam Sandler characters.

On top of being an organic way to pay tribute to Sandler’s classic SNL work, the “family reunion” sketch also allowed the current cast to show off their Adam Sandler character impersonation skills, to a clearly amused Adam Sandler himself.

There were ringers, too: Jimmy Fallon got to swing by, as did Kristen Wiig — an alum who wasn’t on when Sandler was on, but who nailed another beloved Adam Sandler character: Adam Sandler’s mother, immortalized on Sandler’s comedy record with the titular shriek, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

One glaring omission: Brian, the heartbroken dude pining for his ex-girlfriend, embodied in a photo by Shannen Doherty, in “The Denise Show.”