The Latest Trailer For Adam Sandler’s Upcoming Netflix Special Features A Very Good Boy

Judging by what Netflix has said in the past, many of the streaming service’s hundreds of millions of subscribers love Adam Sandler. That’s why their deal with the Saturday Night Live alum is still churning out new content, including his upcoming musical stand-up comedy special 100% Fresh, which debuts next Tuesday, October 23rd. To commemorate the special’s forthcoming release, Netflix dropped a brand new trailer that, among other things, features a very good boy.

The preview opens with Sandler bringing his older bulldog Matzoball out onto the stage, where a bed and water dish await. After setting the dog down, much to the delight of the audience, Sandler jokes, “Daddy’s gonna do some comedy. Here we go!” Matzoball, in turn, surveys the crowd and stares dumbly at his owner before settling down for the evening.

Judging by what the new trailer (and a previous teaser) have revealed, 100% Fresh isn’t going to look or feel like a standard stand-up comedy special. That’s because Sandler, who’s been crafting his new material for several years, and collaborators like indie director Paul Thomas Anderson have been collecting footage from numerous shows for the final product. So yes, the former SNL cast member’s penchant for musicality will obviously be playing a role, but so too will a more kaleidoscopic, pastiche-filmmaking approach.

Whether or not the final result of this approach proves effective (or entertaining) remains to be seen. Then again, considering the sheer amount of goodwill Sandler’s deal with Netflix has already generated, there’s a pretty good chance that a lot of people are going to stream 100% Fresh regardless once it drops next Tuesday.

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