Adam Sandler Talks About The Time Michael Keaton Pulled His ‘Batman’ Card At An ‘SNL’ Cast Dinner

Adam Sandler took a break from beating up Bob Barker to stop by Conan and talk about his days on Saturday Night Live, particularly the backstage moments and rituals that happened week to week. We’re past #SNL40 at this point, but I’ll take all the backstage talk I can handle. It usually doesn’t disappoint, and this is no exception.

Many tales revolve around the SNL cast dinners that reportedly happened with the host every week. This particular week featured Michael Keaton, and he ended up pulling his Batman card to ensure that he paid for the meal, telling the cast who they were dealing with in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.30.25 PM

The other involves Chris Farley and his legendary eating habits. There’s not much there, but the picture of a silent Farley cutting into two giant steaks is one that would’ve been interesting to see. I’d hate to see the bill, though.

(Via Team Coco)