Adam Sandler Will Play Himself On The Super Bowl Episode Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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In case you can’t tell by the headline of this post or the crudely-done Photoshop above, Andy Samberg is going to reunite with the man who played his father in the detestable comedy That’s My Boy, as Adam Sandler will lend some serious star power to the Super Bowl episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Except we don’t have to worry about Sandler showing up with a zany accent or a wacky hairstyle, because he’s simply going to play himself on the Golden Globe-nominated show. (It feels great to write that about the best new comedy on TV.)

So what’s Sandler’s story going to be for this episode anyway? Why is he suddenly stopping by Detective Jake Peralta’s stomping ground? According to showrunner Michael Schur, it’s a police matter and there’s nothing to see here.

“It’s very fun. There’s a lot of Terry Crews and Andre Braugher together, which I love. The two of them have a big storyline together and they’re really, really funny together. And then there’s some Super Bowl specific stuff but we really just tried to create a really just big, bright, funny, juicy, comedy story.”

Brooklyn’s Super Bowl episode also will be easily accessible to anyone who hasn’t watched a single episode yet. “We’re hoping a lot of people will check out the show for the first time,” Schur explained, “because the entire universe watches the Super Bowl. And so we really just wanted to sort of introduce the characters to a wider audience. We tried to just build a couple stories that are really explaining in the funniest way who everyone is.” (Via E!)

I like this plan. I hope everyone on the planet tunes in to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and discovers that, much like Schur’s other show, Parks and Recreation, it’s a simple, charming comedy. And then the show will get 20 more seasons and Terry Crews will be in our lives forever and ever.

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