Adam Scott The Actor Had The Perfect Response To Twitter Naming Him Masters Champion

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04.15.13 6 Comments

When you’re a successful actor and you share a remarkably simple name with the Australian sploosh machine who just won his first major at Augusta, yet you’re the only “Adam Scott” with a verified Twitter account, things get interesting quickly over the span of a couple of hours. College Gameday’s Chris Fowler was the first high profile individual I noticed make the goof:

I can only imagine the countless others who did the same, not to mention the ladies offering up their wombs for fertilization.

As you can see above, Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott responded via Twitter the only way one could if they want to simultaneously play it cool while also recognizing the phenomenon that just took place. Essentially the tweet equivalent of…

I’m pretty sure this means real-life Ben Wyatt gets to loan out the green jacket like twice a year to impress relatives and take dumps in it and whatnot. It’s good to be any version of Adam Scott.

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