Please Allow Adam Scott To Explain Why His New Movie Poster Is 'The Perfect Poster For Drawing Dicks On'

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10.02.13 5 Comments

Not long after Conan gloriously attempted to furlough Jordan Schlansky last night he welcomed regular delightful guest Adam Scott on the program to explain how the internet taught him that his new movie poster is basically one giant dick drawing invitation.

That part begins about halfway through after a segue from Scott discussing how wonderfully weird it was for he and Amy Poehler to play people who hate each other in A.C.O.D., the film for which said poster was made. Stick around for the closing line from the bit because it’s just too perfect.

And here are some GIFs for our video-challenged friends…

adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-1 adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-2

adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-3 adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-4

adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-5 adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-6

adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-7 adam-scott-conan-poster-dicks-8

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