The Two Most Adorable Reasons In The World Not To Kill Baby Judith On ‘The Walking Dead’

02.24.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

As the father of identical twin toddler girls, I could never root for the death of characters played by twins. I don’t know how much per episode that Tinsley and Anniston Price are bringing in on The Walking Dead, but childcare for two toddlers is incredibly expensive. AMC is probably putting the Price twins through a very nice daycare. More importantly, look at these adorable twin girls! They even have a way of making Brighton Sharbino (who plays Lizzie in TWD and one of Hart’s daughters in True Detective) not look like a complete psycho. That’s impressive.

Holy sh*t, they are cute.

I know that Judith didn’t make it as long as she has in the comic book series and, in fact, died an unfortunately grisly death, but there’s no way that Robert Kirkman can kill of these girls, especially if Michonne — who is bound to become surrogate mom to Judith — sees them again. That’d be too damn cruel.

If Judith dies we riot?

Source: Reddit

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