A&E Is Burying Three People Alive This Halloween

Halloween poses a challenge for A&E: How can they possibly top the spine-tingling horror that is Duck Dynasty? Burying people alive is a decent start. On October 26, a few days before women in Harley Quinn costumes take over America, A&E will air Fear: Buried Alive, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Three participants will be placed underground “in an effort to conquer their darkest fears.” Ah yes, “the pouring spiders on someone who’s terrified of spiders” theory. What could go wrong? Hopefully for A&E, nothing; a press release is quick to note, “All necessary precautions are being taken to ensure safety, including a team of medical and psychological personnel onsite.”

The experiment is based on a controversial psychological practice known as immersion therapy, wherein subjects are flooded with their darkest fears in order to overcome them. Studies show that when we willingly push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and face our fears, we come out feeling empowered and triumphant. Will they have the strength to make it through the escalation? (Via)

Being buried alive: Half a star. Don’t forget where the coffins are.

(Via Dead Central)

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