After 15 Seasons, CBS Is Planning To End ‘CSI’ With A TV Movie

Just months after World CSI Day became a thing, CBS is planning to end one of their most successful series. CSI‘s 15th season just ended, leaving a few storylines up in the air. According to Deadline, the eye is discussing different ways to bring the series to an end, which could include a two-hour TV movie to wrap up a shorter 16th season:

… the network is discussing different scenarios about a final installment of the venerable procedural, and one of them that has been getting traction involves a two-hour movie that would wrap the stories for the characters and give the show a proper send-off. A short 16th and final season, as short as 6 episodes, may also still be on the table.

After its first season ended this past week, CBS has renewed spinoff series CSI: Cyber for a second season. Some effort is allegedly going to be put into reworking some elements of the show, which stars Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek. After all, the new spinoff is part of one of the most popular TV franchises in history.

(Via Deadline)