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I should really watch ‘Dollhouse.’ Eliza Dushku is on the cover of September’s FHM UK.  She’s pretty attractive, if you’re into girls with long hair and big lips and nice bodies.  Full spread thumbnailed below.  (Hee hee, “spread” “nailed”!)

Midget fight! Ten awesome Jerry Springer fights.  Linked for the midgets.  Sorry, sorry: “little people.”  Midgets really get upset about that. [Hail Mary Jane]

They had a vampire orgy with the dolphins. “True Blood” stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin went to Sea World.  Fact: dolphins are the only animals that are kinkier than vampires. [Just Jared]

The Best Iron Maiden Songs You Haven’t Heard. Yeah, the best ones are all the ones I haven’t heard.  ZING!  (Just kidding. I dig me some Powerslave.)  [Gunaxin]

I can actually smell the poindextrose through the screen. You can now watch the entirety of the “Chuck” panel from Comic-Con.  Why you’d want to do that, I have no idea.  [Hulu]

Mom of the Year. A mother installed a 98-inch screen TV on her son’s ceiling above his bed.  He will now whack off 16 hours a day.  [Engadget]

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