Hayley Atwell Has Suggested There Might Be A Third Season Of ‘Agent Carter’

Agent Carter closed out a superb second season with a killer finale last night. And fans were overjoyed, but also concerned that this might be the last episode. But all hope is not lost, according to Hayley Atwell.

During an interview, Atwell noted that the show’s fate is far from sealed:

I am hearing at this point that we don’t know anything and we won’t know until the Upfronts in May… We also know that because Peggy has been in other Marvel films and we know she lives a long life, this is something that can be revisited. This is something that I think has a cult following and I have every hope that we’ll see more of her in the future.

We’ve speculated elsewhere that Agent Carter‘s fate depends as much on whether ABC wants to pick up Mockingbird: Marvel’s Most Wanted as it does on the ratings. And it’s attention-getting that Atwell both raises the possibility of renewal and mentions Peggy’s lengthy espionage history in that quote. It would seem to imply that even if Carter doesn’t get a third season immediately, that a third season in general isn’t off the table, and that it could explore other aspects of Peggy’s life.

It’ll be curious to see where Marvel goes with this. Agent Carter was an experiment to see if there was more to Marvel than people in suits, and its yielded some of the best stories Marvel, as a studio, has put out. Even if we never see Peggy Carter outside of cameos again, one hopes Marvel remembers she anchored an excellent series.

(via Blastr)