Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Meets The New Boss

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09.27.16 113 Comments

Agents of SHIELD returned last week with a resounding… meh. There’s a lot going on, of course, and some good ideas, but can the show mesh them all together? We’ll find out tonight, but until then, let’s look at what happened.

The big news, of course, is that Ghost Rider is back with Marvel and murdering people with as much gore as ABC’s standards and practices department will allow, much to the consternation of Quake, and the newly appointed agent team of Coulson and Mack. Coulson, demoted to field agent, has been running around the world at the behest of the “new director,” who we haven’t yet seen. The rest of the team is stuck back at base, doing forensics work and training nameless cannon fodder, although Fitz, last episode, found a new hobby in the form of improving John Hannah’s Life Model Decoy Which Is Totally Not A Sex Robot, You Guys.

The main problem with the premiere is that there was a lot going on but none of it really seemed all that tied together. You had Quake and Coulson chasing Ghost Rider, the “new director” being talked about as if he were Galactus, and the Life Model Decoy, but none of it seemed to sync. Can this episode turn it around? We’ll find out at 10pm EST on ABC. Join us, won’t you?

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