‘To AIDS!’ The 16 Best Lines From The Season Premiere Of FXX’s ‘The League’

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09.05.13 131 Comments
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New station, new night, same old The League. Last night’s premiere of the FXX series may not have been as good as some of the best episodes of the series, but it was good to have the gang back in our lives (and as importantly, it signaled the arrival of fantasy football season). The premiere tried to do what last season’s rape joke episode did in taking something that would seem off limits, in the case AIDS, and turn it into a recurring punchline. The results were mixed to good, although the episode — as usual — hit its highs when Rafi was onscreen. He got an assist from Seth Rogen’s Dirty Randy (and Rob Huebel) and the Domination League (making us all the more excited for Dirty Randy and Rafi’s episode later this season).

Here were the 17 best lines from the episode, and as always in The League discussions, if you leave a comment or share the post, you get a The League badge.

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3. Why yes, this is J.J. Watt, the best defensive player in the NFL last year, punching a pair of testicles hanging above the head of Joe Paterno is the new Sacko Bowl trophy, The Ruxin. Why do you ask?


4. Is she still allergic to his semen?

— Yep. He should’ve called it Risky Jizzness.
Missionary Impossible
Come Far and Away from My Vagina
Thighs Wide Shut

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8. A Truism for Every Fantasy League.

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