AJ Clemente, The Sacked F-Bombing Bismarck News Anchor, Speaks Out On The ‘Today’ Show

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04.24.13 18 Comments

There is no better way to make yourself look good by comparison than to appear next to American’s favorite villain, Matt Lauer, to address a masterful cock-up. AJ Clemente chose The Today Show to address the profanity-fueled slip on Sunday that cost him his job after he uttered “f***ing s**t” on his first day as a Bismarck, North Dakota news anchor.

Apparently, Clemente didn’t even realize it had happened until the third break, and it happened because the little red light came on 30 seconds early, and he had no ear piece warning him. The profanities came as a result of his frustration with not being able to pronounce three names from the London Marathon.

For his part, though he found the entire experience “gut-wrenching,” he holds no animosity toward the news station. In fact, he’d fully expected to be fired after the incident.

Here’s the video from The Today Shwo: Enjoy your four minutes of fame, kiddo.

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