Al Roker And Matt Lauer Got Prostate Exams On Live Television This Morning

11.07.13 7 Comments


So, okay:

1) Al Roker and Matt Lauer both got prostate exams live on Today this morning to help raise awareness for Men’s Health Month. Not live as in “on camera,” but live as in “took place behind a closed door while the other remained discussed men’s health in the hallway outside the office.”

2) You can’t imagine how bummed out I was when Savannah Guthrie opened the segment by saying “We should mention, we’re going to do this in a tasteful way. This is not The Learning Channel.”

3) I mean, not that I necessarily want to see two middle-aged millionaires get prostate exams in high-definition before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee, and not that this isn’t bringing a very serious, somewhat uncomfortable issue to light in an adult, mature way, but when I saw all the headlines yesterday that said “Al Roker And Matt Lauer Will Have Prostate Exams On Live Television Tomorrow,” I developed certain expectations.

4) Namely, that Al Roker would start singing “Moon River” as it happened, like Chevy Chase in Fletch.

5) I feel a little cheated now.

6) Especially seeing as Katie Couric did that all-access colonoscopy the one time, and Al Roker is … let’s just say Al Roker does not have many on-camera boundaries.

7) Shout out to Dr. David Samadi for saying “For a second opinion, I’m going to use two fingers” before Roker’s exam, though, because you know that line kills at urology conventions, and I’m sure he is very pleased with himself right now for using it on national television.

The end.

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