This Is Just A Fantastic Supercut Of Al Sharpton Pronouncing Every Word Wrong

As Joel McHale correctly pointed out during his “mean” White House Correspondents’ Dinner roast, “MSNBC is a confusing place … Al Sharpton is their skinny guy!” It’s also a confusing place because Al Sharpton is allowed to talk on live television, which leads to plenty of gibberish being spat.

That’s where the above supercut comes in. “Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter” features the Reverend (and host of one of the two worst SNL episodes ever) doing his best to keep up with the words scrolling in front of him — and butchering the English language in the process. It takes a heavy load of ill-conceived audacity to confidently blow through words you have no idea how to pronounce, but if there’s one thing Al Sharpton doesn’t lack, it’s “hoo-brees.”

(Via Washington Free Beacon)