Alec Baldwin Nails Trump Again, But It’s ‘Ken Bone’ Who Steals The Show On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin’s take on Donald Trump has dominated the final weeks of election season as much as Donald Trump’s daily questionable comments. It’s almost as if Baldwin becomes Trump as he smears the orange makeup on his face like warpaint. For the third episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 42nd season, Baldwin once again donned the Donald’s wig and persona in the second “and worst” presidential debate.

All the boxes were checked. Kate McKinnon was brilliant as Hillary Clinton, Baldwin was concerningly accurate as Trump (who stalked Hillary hilariously in the background to ominous music), but like the real town hall debate, the show was stolen by one, Kenneth Bone.

Sure, Ken Bone wasn’t quite so earnest as he was during the real town hall, but the strange celebrity of the regular-dude-turned-meme was accurately displayed by not being accurate at all. There was just dancing and stuff. Bobby Moynihan nailed it, you could say. That’s how ridiculous all of this has been.

As the season has gone on, it seems like SNL has been able to hone their satire to make Trump’s increasingly alarming (alleged) actions and (real) comments somewhat palatable, in a horrible, head-shaking sort of way, at least.