Alec Baldwin Wants Us To Lay Off Kendall Jenner Over Her Pepsi Fiasco

To put it kindly, Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner fronted “progressive” fizzy drink campaign was an absolute tone-deaf sh*tshow. The ad was quickly yanked, but not before the entire globe ripped the misguided exercise to shreds. Heck, one protester tried an IRL version of the Pespi-to-authority gambit with less than desirable results. With the arrival of “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING UNITED?” to “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING SPICER?” gaffes to unintentionally take the heat off, Jenner’s infamous ad has been out of the spotlight a bit. Now, Alec Baldwin’s saying his piece.

Saturday Night Live‘s resident Trump is not the least bit happy with the criticism that Jenner has received from the commercial. In Baldwin’s view, Jenner is just an innocent 21-year-old spokesperson caught being unfairly treated for, uh, doing that ad? Baldwin places the finger of blame at her management…

Oh! Also we’re to blame too.

Baldwin’s desire to defend someone that he feels has been unfairly maligned by the public is understandable, but also a bit misguided, don’t you think? The loud response to Kendall (grown woman, paid spokesperson, never-not image conscious) hasn’t been baseless. Pepsi attempted to reshape current cultural movements into a snappy self-important pop ad and blew up all over them like shaken up can dogsh*t. Baldwin’s posturing on the matter is more hurt than help.