Alec Baldwin Is Not A Fan Of Ed Sheeran’s Trump Impression In The Latest Promos For ‘SNL’

Ed Sheeran will join Alec Baldwin as this week’s musical guest on SNL, but it seems like he could step in for Baldwin himself in a pinch given his performance in this promo. Now obviously he’s not really going to do that, but he adds his own Trump impression to the giant pile of people whipping them out these days. Baldwin’s response in the ad could be real, though, and most wouldn’t think twice. It isn’t because he thinks his Trump impression is the greatest thing ever, but because Sheeran should likely stick to music.

The first promo deals with Baldwin already being on the show so much this season. He’s the Larry David of season 42 of Saturday Night Live, just popping up at any moment and getting a chance to host once the attention reaches its peak. The difference is Baldwin has already hosted the show so many times, he could very well be living in the bowels of the Rockefeller Center.

Baldwin was also a guest on The Tonight Show, falling into a Trump duel with Jimmy Fallon near the end of their game of Box of Lies. Baldwin’s impression is much better than Fallon’s, but that probably wasn’t much of a discussion for people. But it is the impression that Trump himself probably enjoys and would invite to The White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

(Via SNL / The Tonight Show)