Alec Baldwin Gets A Dig In At Trump When Accepting His Emmy Award For ‘Saturday Night Live’

Shortly after Kate McKinnon won the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the most recent season of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin unsurprisingly was also awarded a statue for his portrayal of Donald Trump in season 42. After making his way up on stage to accept the award, Baldwin did not waste time getting a dig in at the president, calling back to Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue in which he mocked Trump for never having won an Emmy for The Apprentice, and the insinuation that the awards show was “rigged.” (Where have we heard that before?)

“I supposed I should say at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy,” Baldwin joked, to thunderous applause, and a cut to his 30 Rock costar Jane Krakowski clapping and smirking in the audience. He went on, mocking the get-up he had to wear to slip into the president’s skin. “I want to thank my wife, we had three children in three years, and we didn’t have a child last year during the SNL season, and I wonder if there’s a correlation there. All you men out there, you put that orange wig on, it’s birth control, trust me.”

As of this writing, Trump’s Twitter feed remains ominously quiet. But the tweets, oh, they are a’coming. That much is certain.