Aled Lewis Turns Iconic Movie And TV Punches Into Cool 16-Bit Brawler Art

Okay, here’s one for the “fun ideas I wish I’d thought of” file — illustrator Aled Lewis has done a series where he takes iconic movie and TV face punches and turns them into cool 16-bit Final Fight-esque pixel art. Not only is the art well done, but Aled picks his subjects well, illustrating punches from Game of Thrones, Blazing Saddles, The Wicker Man and everything in between.

Check out some rad pixelated punches below…

via XombieDIRGE

art by Aled Lewis

Okay, so this is more of a bitch-slap than a punch, but it’s just as devastating. 

You don’t want to know how much I’d pay for a Bill Murray brawler.

…or a game where you just punch Biff Tannen over and over again for that matter. 

This what we call “ending on a high note” kids. 

These pieces are part of Aled Lewis’ “Such Pixels” art show. You can purchase some of his work right here, but you’d better be fast — it’s moving quick!