Alert: Here Is Idris Elba Rapping

08.14.12 5 Comments

The big music news on the Internet today appears to be Taylor Swift releasing her latest single, “I Am a Statuesque Blonde Famous Teenage Millionaire Who Has Trouble Finding a Boyfriend Or Whatever.” This is kind of a shame, because the big music news on the Internet today SHOULD BE the fact that Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire) is rapping in the music video for Milk’s “Picking Up the Pieces” in his natural, gravely British accent. Is it the greatest verse in hip-hop history? Eh, probably not. Does he spend most of the time yelling “FIGHTER” and “UH” while wearing a very British hat in the studio? Kinda, yeah.

Nevertheless, it’s still pretty cool, and I wanted to bring it to your attention. (UPDATE: As pointed out by a few people, this is not his first time in the studio. I completely blanked on stuff like this. Lo siento.)

via Vulture

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