Alex Trebek Is Now A Guinness World Record Holder

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06.15.14 3 Comments

Guinness World Records have finally tapped Alex Trebek to join the upper echelon of world record holders. Trebek now garners the record for “most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter” for being the face of Jeopardy! for over 6,829 episodes. Trebek has gone through numerous phases and transformations since taking on the show in 1984, but now he can add record holder to his list of accomplishments. From Deadline:

”It’s a quality program that I never have to apologize for when I meet people,” said Trebek about his tenure, while noting that the record isn’t a lifetime achievement, “It’s the kind of record that can be replaced by someone else in a few years. There might be another host that comes along who will out do me if he or she is on a program that turns out to be as popular as Jeopardy!”

I think that’s a bit modest of him to say. I have a hard time picturing someone else hosting the show at this point and I don’t really believe the market for game shows is as big as it once was in those days. It’s Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune holding steady while the rest sort of bob up and down in relevancy.

Congratulations, Trebek. Your mother would be proud. Just don’t celebrate too hard.

(via Guinness World Records)

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