Alexander Skarsgard Got Super Naked On Last Night’s ‘True Blood’

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08.19.13 10 Comments

eric northman naked

While I won’t go into the specifics of last night’s True Blood season finale — FACT: I’ll leave that for Burnsy to cover in his recap — I will say that it was basically like Breaking Bad, except with more vampires, less guys named Todd, and not nearly as good. Oh, and instead of Walt passing out in his tighty whities, it had Eric being all like, “Oh, hello, it is I, Eric Northman. Here I am reading a book in a lawn chair without any clothes on. I’m better than you.” (TRUE?)

Rarely do male TV show stars leave it all hanging out there for the world to Tumblr, except for on HBO, where everyone from Louis C.K. to Ziggy Sobotka has shown their lucky louies. But such is True Blood‘s legacy: it came, we saw, it got naked, it came again, and it stayed for too long, leaving behind so many vampire penises on the couch.

eric naked

For the uncensored photos, go here. NSFW, obviously, unless you work in a morgue.


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