Naked Alexander Skarsgård Took A Fresh-Air Poop In Antarctica Like A Boss

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01.08.14 4 Comments

naked poop

Being famous must be nice. According to TV Guide, Alexander Skarsgård makes $200,000 for every 55-minute episode of True Blood, or $3,600 per 60 seconds, and that’s assuming he’s on-screen the entire time, which he’s not. That means for an upcoming season seven episode — SPOILER: Eric’s not dead…well, dead again — Skarsgård got paid thousands of dollars to sit on a toilet with a book, naked, wearing sunglasses, in Antarctica.

Actually, the picture isn’t True Blood-related — it’s for a charity event — but the writers are presumably hard at work writing Skarsgård’s toilet chilling into the premiere. They’re pros when it comes to nudity and crap.

askars toilet

Via Instagram

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