Alison Brie: Annie Might Go Lesbian

05.04.11 8 years ago 21 Comments

It’s important to remember that showrunners and writers — not actors — determine the plots of TV shows, so it would be foolish to get excited about an attractive actress speculating about the direction of her character, particularly if it was some idle fanboy-baiting chatter about girls kissing. That said, HEY EVERYBODY! Alison Brie says Annie might hook up with women on “Community”!!!!! AWOOOGA! AWOOGA!

“With Annie, to be honest, I could see her getting with a girl,” [Brie] told [Alyssa Rosenberg], emphasizing that “It seems like it would be out of character for her, but I just like to go back to the fact that she’s young and impressionable and still figuring out who she is and what she wants to. It’s one of her best qualities that though she seems uptight, she’ll try everything… The point of the show is comedy. We’re not trying to take a stand about any of those things. It’s a possibility that more gay stuff could creep in.” [Yglesias]

Okay, okay, settle down everybody. It’s fun to get excited about the idea of Alison Brie tenderly making out with another woman, exploring her body tentatively at first, then gradually with more passion, curves pressed against each other as buttons come undone and bras get unhooked… (*takes cold shower*) But like Alison said, the point of the show is COMEDY. And that’s why I think nothing would be funnier than a bikini car wash episode. Maybe the proceeds can go to next year’s puppy parade.


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