Alison Brie Discussed Her Failed Pilot With Jennifer Lawrence On ‘Late Late Show’

The “frustratingly talented” Alison Brie was Whitney Cummings’ Late Late Show guest last night, except instead of the interview taking place in Craig Ferguson’s studio, it happened in a house straight out of a telenovela. A lot of things have gone right for Brie — Community, Mad Men, Get Hard, this GIF, etc. — but Cummings wanted to discuss her failures, including the infamous Comedy Central pilot for Not Another High School Show, with Jennifer Lawrence and H. Jon Benjamin. The non-famous stars of the show were locked into their contracts, meaning they couldn’t look for gigs while the TV spinoff of the far-superior Not Another Teen Movie was in limbo, but Brie and Lawrence could, and everything’s worked out pretty well for them since.

Unlike Benjamin. Bob’s Burgers and Archer isn’t enough. Get a third show, you lazy bum.