Go Nuts, Weirdos, Because Alison Brie Totally Doesn’t Mind Fans Who Fetishize Her Feet

Alison Brie and Matt LeBlanc both appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night, where the topic of conversation in the above clip revolved mostly around high school yearbook photos and LeBlanc’s 30 year high school reunion. (He graduated with Louis C.K.! Who was not at the reunion, but did get photos texted to him all night from LeBlanc and his classmates flipping him the bird.)

While that story is interesting in and of itself, it’s around the four minute mark (3:53 to be exact) that the topic of conversation takes a sharp turn to the left that’s bound to make the internet jerk its collective head up like a cat hearing a can of tuna fish being opened. “Now Alison, you have a huge fan base from all of your huge shows,” Corden brings up, “but you have a particular group of fans — is this true? — who are predominantly into your feet.”

To the surprise of no one, yes, Brie admits (“I mean, yes“), although she doesn’t seem to think there’s anything all that uncommon about fans fetishizing her feet, asking LeBlanc and Corden if they are aware of any similar admirers. After enough discussion about Alison Brie’s feet, LeBlanc finally gets blunt. “Take that shoe off,” he says, to which she happily obliges, showing off her perfectly manicured foot to the Late Late Show cameras.

And that, my friends, is how you make a viral internet video. There’s a reason James Corden is the late night king of YouTube.