Alison Brie Performed Her Best Freestyle Rap To Date Sitting Between Artie Lange And Jimmy Fallon

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02.19.13 30 Comments

Last we checked in with our collective muse, Alison Brie, she was advertising platonic foot massages only to have Joel McHale issue restraining orders against the whole lot of us. It was all pretty much my high school experience in a microcosm.

When she stopped by Late Night last night there were unfortunately no hints dropped about our futures together, but she did grace us with some freestyling — as she is wont to do — in between telling stories about NFL neighbors, super rad ’80s parties, and going head first into the hip hop game thanks to one fateful night with Questlove and a coffee table.

And oh yeah, Artie Lange was there for some reason, sporadically and playfully hijacking the interview in between acting mildly unimpressed (Joe Buck called, he wants his money back). Let’s kick things off in reverse order, with Ali B treating us to some super solid flow around the 1:25 mark.

It’s really too bad the UPROXX comments section didn’t make up that audience. There would have been a Richter Scale registering standing O as Alison waded her way through undergarments. Ah, what could have been.

Not to ruin this second-but-actually-first part of the interview but you’ll learn about athletic neighbors who DVR The Office, hear Alison explain how her cover band works, and discover that Artie Lange knows what’s REALLY up with ’80s-themed parties. Enjoy, because how could you not?

Equal parts fun and awkward, which pretty much always translates to good late night television. And if you’ve never heard The Girls cover “Rich Girl,” there’s no time like the present.

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