Watch Alison Brie Be A Rollergirl In This Short Film

05.13.13 13 Comments

Here is Alison Brie starring in a pretty little short film by Poppy De Villeneuve and Alex Braverman to promote Irene Neuwirth’s jewelry line.

Reports Style:

Set in an old-school roller rink in New Jersey, the film, which debuts exclusively below, definitely evokes some childhood nostalgia. And, as far as “fun” goes, the short’s star —Mad Men and Community actress Alison Brie —looks like she’s having quite a bit of it while gliding around in Neuwirth’s vibrant new wares. “I feel like she’s perfect because she gorgeous and she has an incredible sense of humor, these big bright eyes, and a really fresh smile,” said Neuwirth of her leading lady, who was styled by Jeananne Williams. The pair met through Neuwirth’s boyfriend, Phil Lord —Brie has a role in his upcoming film, The Lego Movie.

My favorite part is at the beginning, when we see Alison driving up in an old Griswold-esque station wagon, naturally. All that’s missing is an oversized Christmas tree strapped to the roof. Enjoy.

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