All The Filthiest, Foulest Insults From HBO’s ‘Veep’ In One Supercut

HBO isn’t just about unbridled violence and almost-porn levels of nudity. They’re also allowed to be as vulgar with their language as they wanna be. Just like with the blood and boobs, they take that freedom and run wild with it. America! And here I used to think that Silicon Valley was the filthiest flarn filth on the channel. But it turns out that the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show Veep is even more creative with the insults, resulting in lines like “I’d rather set fire to my vulva” and “F*ck off, you jolly green jizz-face!”

I’d list some more, but we’re not HBO and therefore couldn’t write out half the horrible things they say without our advertisers going gosh darn ape. So, just watch this great Veep supercut by Fast Company that packs some of the best zings from the show into a nice two-minute morsel of foul mouthed perfection.

(via Fast Company)