All the ‘True Blood’ You Can Handle

04.27.10 9 years ago 10 Comments

The third season of HBO’s gory and tit-filled vampire drama “True Blood” begins in June, and the show has launched a massive multi-front promotional campaign to increase the hype surrounding it and get losers like me to write about it. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on:

  • New season 3 poster above. Awww yeah, snakes and tits and skulls and big biceps on pale people.
  • New promo poster released every week for the 12 weeks up to the show. You can see the first five here. The Missing one is my least favorite. I just don’t like to think of vampires as the kind of death-dealing immortals that give a crap if one of their kind goes missing.
  • New “minisode” airing on HBO every week for the six weeks leading up to the season premiere. (watch below)
  • The “True Blood” comic book, arriving July 21st, released the cover art for issue #1.
  • For twenty dollars, Anna Paquin will show up to your house and take her shirt off. That’s not really part of HBO’s promotional campaign, Anna just understands what she’s good at.

I think that’s about it. Below, I’ve got several photo stills from the new season, as well as the first minisode, which features Eric and Pam as they screen new dancers. It’s kind of preposterous, but the entire show is kind of preposterous, so I guess it works. And, as the screen cap thumbnailed here proves, it ends with a cliffhanger that definitely makes me interested to see more, so I guess it’s effective advertising. As Don Draper might say, “Titties sell.”

(thanks to bohemea for everything)

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