Allison Williams Just Needs A Little Boost, Guys

05.03.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Here are some pictures from the set of Girls of Allison Williams doing pull-ups with the help of two production assistants.

Now, I suppose, technically, if you wanted to be one of those snarky Internet snarkingtons, you could use these images as a metaphor for her acting career, and the way being the offspring of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams probably helped her get her feet in a bunch of showbiz doors along the way, or how coming from a family of means gave her the financial freedom to pursue her acting dream without ever having to skip an audition because rent was due and she couldn’t afford to miss out on the tips from her lunch shift waiting tables at McKnucklesmith’s or whatever, and how one or both of those things gave her a little boost to get her chin up over the bar of Hollywood success.

But I am not going to do that because Allison Williams seems very nice. Also, you guys are jerks.

(via Buzzfeed)

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