Allow Adult Swim’s ‘Smart Pipe’ To Turn Your Poop Into Useful Information

What if you could communicate ideas and information with your friends and companies through social media by simply going No. 1 or 2? That’s the question that Adult Swim’s latest ‘informercial’ poses, as the network seeks to recapture the incredible lightning in a bottle that was Too Many Cooks. Remember that one? I can hear the catchy song in my head on repeat like it was yesterday. Because it was. Seriously. I can’t stop watching it. Please send help.

In Smart Pipe, we’re presented with the amazing idea that because everything else that we own is connected to the Internet, we might as well hook our toilets up, too. Laugh all you want at this wonderful fake infomercial, but just know that someone at American Standard is probably sitting there thinking, “Yeah, this is the next step, man.”