Samantha Bee Explains The Hot Sexual Chemistry Greg Gutfeld & Dana Perino Share On Fox News’ ‘The Five’

In his new book about Fox News honcho Roger Ailes, Gabriel Sherman describes how the afternoon show The Five came to be. Turns out, it was rooted in Ailes’ love for ensemble theater, as detailed in this excerpt from Sherman’s book published by Media Matters.

Years later at Fox News, Ailes would talk fondly about his theatrical experience. “Whenever he can, he gets into the conversation that he produced Hot l Baltimore,” a senior Fox executive said. Creating the Fox News afternoon show The Five, Ailes found his inspiration on the stage. “He said, ‘I’ve always wanted to do an ensemble concept,'” a close friend said. “He said, ‘I wanted a Falstaff, and that’s Bob Beckel. I need a leading man, and it’s Eric Bolling. I need a serious lead and that’s Dana Perino. I need a court jester and it’s Greg [Gutfeld], and I need the leg. That’s Andrea Tantaros.”

Last night on the Daily Show, the always wonderful Samantha Bee performed a bit of experimental/avant garde theater to explain The Five, specifically the uncomfortable sexual chemistry between Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino. Enjoy.