The Complex Alternate Reality Games You Probably Missed In ‘Archer’ And More

FX’s Archer is perhaps one of the most deceptively smart shows on television. Outside of the always funny references to Kenny Loggins and the Danger Zone, the creators always try to add an extra dimension to the show that most others simply don’t. The latest example of that is an alternate reality game (ARG) that was tucked away inside of the show last season. An agent’s serial number was actually hexadecimal code that revealed a link to a video.

From there, the waveforms of that video provided yet another code. That code led to a webpage created by the mad scientist on the show, Krieger. On that web site were a bunch of weird, racy images of Krieger, Pam, and Archer, as well as a few other images hinting at more to come in the future. The game is not over yet, which will most likely drive fans of the show crazy.

This ARG is the latest in a long line of pretty incredible, intricate games that have been created for movies and television shows, including one for the new 10 Cloverfield Lane. This, of course, follows in the tradition set by the original Cloverfield film, which led an internet manhunt to solve the puzzles and find out more about the rather secretive monster film. Always be vigilant, because these games can be a lot of fun, as fans of Archer and 10 Cloverfield Lane are finding out.