The Sunniest Moments From ‘It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia’: ‘Mac Day’

As It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has gotten deeper into the series we’ve all seemingly become more and more intrigued by each member of The Gang’s various idiosyncrasies. Dennis’s sociopathic tendencies rank #1 on most lists — and they’ve been pretty thoroughly explored as of late — but Mac’s latent homosexuality and general lack of self-awareness is right up there. Sunny took that subject head-on last night with the help of Seann William Scott “Country Mac” badassery juxtaposition. I mean dude even had perfect “jabroni” timing. City Mac is the worst.

I could have used a bit more Sunny-style dialogue, but “Mac Day” provided some of my favorite Gang visuals in quite awhile. The Gang in cutoffs, dueling Mac karate swishes, The Gang stoned as balls, the karate match. I haven’t found any roundhouse kick media yet, which is a damn shame, but let’s get to what we do have because they’re still pretty great…

What day is it again?

Badass + Water: What’s not to get?

Gotta love when a badass plan comes together.

This better resurface the next time The Gang uses the tape.

“No, no, no, we’re not smoking weed, okay. It’s still illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.”

Ronald McDonald: Law-abiding badass.

The Gang Gets Stoned

This needs its own episode, even if it ruins my carb count.

And finally, RIP Country Mac. You were truly too badass for this world. Even if you never scored a legitimate point in a karate match.

Seriously, though. Where did he keep getting all those beers?