Your ‘Always Sunny’ Guide To Inspiring Holiday Cheer

11.30.16 2 years ago

The gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia isn’t the first group of people you’d think to look to for a little inspiration this holiday. In fact, we’ve even made the argument that they’re quite possibly the last group of people you’d want to celebrate Christmas with. Despite all that, the gang’s tendency to be indulgent, along with their willingness to go to great lengths to have a good time makes them the ideal inspiration for this time of year. From their innovative ideas on presents, their love of life’s simple pleasures, and their constant intake of alcohol, here are all the ways that the Always Sunny gang can help inspire your own holiday cheer.

Gift-Giving (And Taking)

Okay, so lets get this out of the way: breaking into peoples’ houses is wrong, and so is stealing their presents. However, if you step back and look at the situation through the eyes of a young, naive Mac (Rob McElhenney), the idea of going house-to-house to grab a present and assuming that everyone in the neighborhood is doing the same at your house… well, it might seem like a neighborhood-wide game of Yankee Swap.

These days, our conventional approach to gift-giving is overdone, and the mountain of presents crammed under the tree often casts too big of a shadow over the spirit of the holiday itself. Again, we’re not advocating anyone grab presents from someone else’s home in a reckless free-for-all, but why not get a little adventurous when planning out your Christmas shopping this year? Trade names on your list with friends or family. Buy gifts for your enemies. Heck, buy gifts for complete strangers. If you’re serious about letting the gang serve as the blueprint for your Christmas, convention is the first thing to go.

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