Charlie Day And The ‘Always Sunny’ Cast Found Out They Won A People’s Choice Award In The Worst Way

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is just starting its eleventh season. Over those eleven seasons, they hilarious cast and crew have celebrated only one award win — a 2012 People’s Choice award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy. But now, they have two, sweet sweet awards to put on their mantles. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia won another award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards. Great, right? Right?! There was one issue about this prestigious and surely, deserved win for Charlie Day and co. — they didn’t know about it.

Not only did Charlie and everyone else not get an invite to the festivities, but they didn’t even know they were nominated for the People’s Choice award. This cynically, makes me think that those behind the ceremony don’t really care about what the people think. They just want to get those awards into the hands of whoever and head to the afterparty. Damn.

Charlie revealed the shocking truth behind their win on the Colbert Show:

“It was the following day one of the guys texted me and said, ‘hey, did you know we won an award?’ “

Needless to say, Charlie didn’t get to party while hoisting his award high above his head. It’s a darn shame. Someone like Charlie who has been making the world laugh at an uncountable amount of horrible deeds deserves better than this. But who knows, maybe it’s better they couldn’t accept the awards. Supposedly, going up on stage will make you dry gag.

(Via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)

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