Like What You See?: The Sunniest Moments From Last Night’s Self-Aware ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

In last week’s recap of the Season 8 premiere I noted that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could seemingly run forever because the show plays by its own rules when it comes to character development and plotlines. So it’s almost a little eery that very next episode was one ginormous meta wink to the audience essentially hammering these points home.

Last night was the Gang’s version of a Community flashback episode, if that makes sense. Instead of making up flashbacks though they revisited common themes and highlight moments under a familiar storyline and called themselves on it from the opening scene. Hallmark S4 episode “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” was the primary callback, but there were plenty more scattered in along the way. I’m not going to bother typing them all up here but check out the trivia section on Wikia if nailing them all down is the sort of thing that you’re into.

With that in mind, let’s get right to the Sunniest Moments. Also: Shut up, bird.

Six years later and “ass-blasting” is still pretty much the only term we can all agree on when it comes to politics. Just always be sure to clarify “not gay sex” when you get overzealous about taking it to the man.

“Who am I supposed to vote for? The Republican who’s blasting me in the ass or the Democrat who’s blasting me in the ass?” – Dennis Reynolds, everyman.

A conversation with Charlie about no longer being the Wild Card where he can’t even make through the conversation not being the Wild Card is pretty much perfect.


Easily the most GIF-able moment of “The Gang Recycles Their Trash.”


No volume-less media will ever do the Garbage Limo Trio justice. But that’s how you close, baby.


Dee’s bear/otter/twink/twank lifestyle breakdown was a nice extrapolation on Dennis’ similar classifications from Season 3. The Reynolds sure do know their alternative lifestyles. Also, nice to see a straight man (the other meaning) adversary besides the Lawyer get recycled.

The success garbage men montage immediately transitioning to “we hate this and need to try a different/better plan” was simply a perfect summation of what this episode was all about and why the Gang will always be the Gang.

Her return wasn’t quite as glorious as her introduction but it’s never not a good time for a Martina Martinez appearance.

And with that the Gang completes the cycle and reminds us why there can never be enough Sunny.